What is a Featured Property?


If you decide to make one of your property listings a Featured Property, this portal enhancement ensures the property is showcased ahead of the main search results in your area, making it one of the first to be seen at the top of any relevant results. The property will also appear within the standard search results, increasing the level of exposure, and in turn, applicant leads.

If you make a vendor or landlords property a Featured Property, not only will they be impressed with the premium marketing service you are providing to market and show off their property as one to look at, it will also benefit you by providing brand awareness as it includes your logo. This will help to bring increased traffic to your Branch Profile and other listings you have, due to it being one of the first to be seen. 

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What is a Featured Property?

If you have properties that could benefit from a listings boost or you are trying to market in a very competitive area, you can purchase Featured Property for desired outcodes.

When a potential applicant searches for properties in the area relating to the outcode you have purchased, Zoopla will automatically select Featured properties by scanning your property portfolio and matching the most relevant property to the applicants search criteria.

The properties you have that match the search criteria will appear showcased at the top of listing search results pages positioned in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd box with your logo. In addition, the property will also appear within the standard search results.

All relevant properties are equally rotated each time the page is refreshed. If there are more than 3 relevant featured properties from 3 different agents, the listings will rotate.

 Best practice

If you have a property in an area which includes many listings and is therefore very competitive, rather than it be placed further down the search results, you can make it a Featured Property. This will increase the properties exposure to potential applicants


Featured properties as seen at the top of Zoopla search results

If you have Featured Property as part of your membership or as a paid portal enhancement, a Featured properties report is also available in ZooplaPro that will show you how each of your featured properties are performing on Zoopla. You can use this in conjunction with your regular correspondence to reassure your vendor or landlord of the steps you’ve taken to market their property and of the results you have achieved.


  • For more information on Featured Property on Zoopla Advantage, click here
  • If you wish to purchase the Featured Property portal enhancement for your ZooplaPro account, contact your Account Manager or Member Services. You can either email members@zoopla.co.uk, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

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