Maximise your properties exposure with Featured Properties


The Featured Properties portal enhancement increases the exposure of your properties by pushing your listings higher up the search results.

It can also aid in building brand authority on-site in your main areas by featuring the relevance of your properties to users that are searching for exactly what you have available to sell or let. This will help you win instructions and position yourself best to win in the living room.

What are Featured Properties?


If you have properties that could benefit from a listings boost or you are trying to market in a very competitive area, Featured Properties can push your listings higher up the search results.

With Featured Properties you also get:

  • A blue border and a Featured tag, giving your property more of the spotlight
  • A 129% increase in search views of the property*
  • Tripled search click rates to your property details page, compared to other listings of the same age*
  • Doubled leads to slow-moving properties*
    *Results based on Featured Properties booked weekly

Ensure you get the right Featured Properties add-ons for your needs:

  • Target by outcode: Showcase the relevance of your property listings to applicants searching in a specific outcode.
    Targeting by outcode moves all your relevant listings higher up in the search results. They’ll feature on rotation at the top of listing search results pages positioned in the 2nd or 3rd box with your logo, when relevant to the property seeker’s search, for the whole time they’re live on 


    All relevant properties are equally rotated each time the page is refreshed. If there are more than 3 relevant Featured Properties from 3 different agents, the listings will rotate

  • Book them weekly: Guarantee exposure for your customers and your slow-moving stock/double the leads for your slow-moving properties.
    When you book Featured Properties weekly, you pick the property listing of your choice to feature at the top of listing search results pages for a week. The property will be positioned in the 1st box with your logo, for guaranteed featured impressions

The original listing also stays in the search results at its 'normal' slot, which means each featured listing is showcased twice on the website.

Featured Properties as seen at the top of Zoopla listing search results pages

To upgrade properties to become Featured Properties (weekly):

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage listings tab
  3. Click the relevant property category, for example, Residential sales listings or Residential letting listings
  4. In your property listings, locate the property you would like to feature and click Upgrade
  5. A How would you like to upgrade? window appears, where you can choose to upgrade to a Premium Listing or make the property featured (weekly). Click Select upgrade in the Featured Properties (weekly) section
  6. You must now Confirm your upgrade. The Selected listing that you're choosing to upgrade is shown, as well as the Start date, and the date it Expires. To upgrade, click Confirm upgrade

 Best practice

Consider applying Featured Properties (weekly) to a property that has received a recent price reduction, as it can help to put it in the spotlight across all potential applicants search results. By encouraging a second look and reviving the listing, you might also want to use a fresh photo too for maximum engagement 

If you have Featured Properties as part of your membership or as a paid portal enhancement, a Featured Properties report is also available in ZooplaPro that will show you how each of your Featured Properties is performing on Zoopla. You can use this in conjunction with your regular correspondence to reassure your vendor or landlord of the steps you’ve taken to market their property and of the results you have achieved.


  • For more information on Featured Properties on Zoopla Advantage, click here
  • If you wish to purchase the Featured Properties portal enhancement for your ZooplaPro account, contact your Account Manager or Member Services. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

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