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The Membership tab, in addition to having the Zoopla Valuation Tool, primarily shows you the 3 tiers of membership available in ZooplaPro. Membership Packages highlights what membership package you are currently on, what is included as part of that package, and additional features and portal enhancements that are available. You might choose to purchase portal enhancements to further boost your listings and brand awareness, or to help increase your leads.

Another perk available, for all membership packages, is the ability to download or order a variety of marketing materials.

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Membership packages

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Membership tab
  3. Click Membership Packages

Membership packages allow you to view what type of membership you have and a comparison table to easily highlight what's included as part of each of the 3 packages.

In addition, it sets out some of the useful features and Premium placements available to ensure that your properties, and your agency, really stands out.

You can also purchase the following portal enhancements as individual add-ons if you wish, to pick and choose those that will benefit your branch, depending on your priorities.

  • Premium Listing - Utilising your Premium listing credits will give your listing(s) an enhanced presence in search results as well as showcasing additional photos to best advertise the property. The magnification of the property will boost the number of leads you will receive

Get more information on Premium Listing.
For enquiries, contact Member Services or your Account Manager.

 Best practice

Premium listing is a great way to refresh a listing that might not be performing well

  • Featured Properties - Featured properties ensure your properties are showcased ahead of the main search results in your area, making them the first ones to be seen. The property will also appear within the standard search results, increasing the level of exposure, and in turn, leads

Get more information on Featured Properties.
For enquiries, contact Member Services or your Account Manager.

  • Featured Agent - Featured agent highlights your branch as an agent of choice to those searching for an agent to market their property. Agents with a Featured agent add-on are highlighted at the top of the Find agents directory in a standout box, increasing the likelihood of contact and leads

Get more information on Featured Agent.
For enquiries, contact Member Services or your Account Manager.

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This will help to increase the visibility of your brand to potential vendors and landlords in your area, but potential customers will also be able to click through to your agent profile, (created by you in your Branch Profile). Customers can then find out more about your services and properties

  • Valuation Booster - Valuation booster helps you to promote your agency ahead of your competitors to applicants seeking a valuation while enabling you to target areas with specific outcodes. Your agency will be prioritised in relation to the property location as a pre-selected agent to request a valuation from. The increased valuations will help to win more vendor and landlord instructions

Get more information on Valuation Booster.
For enquiries, contact Member Services or your Account Manager.

  • Area Sponsorship - Area sponsorship can promote your brand and branch(es)in areas where you would like to raise your profile and to a targeted audience searching in those areas. Once you select your preferred area by outcode, when a potential applicant searches that area, your advert will appear on all the results pages that match the search criteria

Get more information on Area Sponsorship.
To find out if Area sponsorship is available in your area, and for any other enquiries, contact Member Services or your Account Manager. 

Downloading materials

  1. Click the Membership tab
  2. Click Download Materials

As part of your membership, there are a variety of materials available to download which will help to advertise your brand, and better engage with vendors and landlords, by showing the wide extent of the marketing you can offer through Zoopla.

A range of Logos are available to download as .eps, .jpg, and .png file types.

 Best practice

The logos are a great addition to add to your letter and brochure footers, as well as any other branded materials you have

You also have a range of Vendor and landlord marketing materials which can be downloaded as part of a marketing pack to help win more instructions. All of these materials can be downloaded as .pdf's with or without your logo. 

Ordering materials

  1. Click the Membership tab
  2. Click Order Materials

Another benefit of your membership is the ability to Order materials. This contains a list of all the marketing materials available to you, along with quantity options, that can be ordered and sent directly to you.

You'll find everything from stickers to leaflets to notebooks listed here, all available to order free of charge. Once you've selected all the items you'd like, fill in Your details and click Submit order.


Items ordered may take up to two weeks to be dispatched

Property insights and news

  1. Click the Membership tab
  2. Click Property insights and news

Property insights and news takes you to the Insights and trends page on Zoopla Advantage. Zoopla Advantage is a free to access website, where we share our property insights, industry research and news.

Our Insights and trends range from reports such as the UK House Prices Index and the Quarterly Rental Market Report, which provide an indication of the market conditions across the country, to articles and videos from industry professionals.

There are articles covering news and updates as well as upcoming market changes and discussions about market affairs. 

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