National Trading Standards - Latest requirements (August 2023)

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National Trading Standards have released additional requirements surrounding the following:

  • the removal of Price on Application (POA) as a Price modifier (for residential/overseas/commercial sales agents)
  • the EPC rating must be prominently displayed on each listing (for residential sales agents)

This article includes:

Removal of Price on Application (POA) from property listings

Estate agents are responsible for submitting information on all new and existing property listings.

As part of National Trading Standards (NTS) requirements around accurate pricing, from around 15 August 2023, we will no longer be displaying Price on Application (POA) as a Price modifier for residential, overseas, or commercial sales agents and their listings.

Instead, we’ll always display the Price that is supplied, which therefore needs to be accurate.

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If you're a residential, overseas, or commercial sales agent who manually uploads listings, existing POA listings will need to be updated. You can do this via the Edit residential/overseas/commercial property page.

  1. Ensure the Price that's supplied is accurate. If you’ve entered a placeholder figure, please make sure that it's updated to the correct amount
  2. Use the Price modifier field to select an alternative to POA (or None)
    1. If you're a commercial sales agent, you’ll still be able to add Non quoting as a Price modifier to listings, but only where it’s applicable to the business type or rental agreement
  3. Scroll down and click Save
    For more information on Setting the price of your listings, click here

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The change(s) will be displayed in the main places where your listings are seen on site and in the app, including search results and map view, and listing detail pages.


If you've got any questions, your Account Manager will be happy to help. You can contact them directly via email or phone

Displaying EPC ratings on property listings

Estate agents are responsible for submitting information on all new and existing property listings.

As part of National Trading Standards (NTS) requirements around EPC ratings, the EPC rating must now be displayed prominently on each residential sales listing within 30 days of them going live.

To help you comply with this requirement on Zoopla, we’ve expanded the ways that you can supply EPC listings information to be shown on your listings.

Where EPC data hasn’t been provided in either of the formats below, we’ll default to displaying government EPC data on listings.

Feed input

  1. If you have a real-time feed or an RMv4 feed, you can directly input the EPC rating into the correct field

Full description input (via ZooplaPro)

  1. On a new or existing property listing, scroll down to the EPC rating input section.
    Enter the Current EER Rating and the Potential EER Rating (Energy Efficiency Ratio) as numbers between 1-100
    1. If you can’t add EPC ratings using this field, you can include it in the Full description (either on its own or as part of a sentence) as it will be extracted and display at the top of your listing. However, you must use the following format - EPC rating: C

Should the letter of the rating element have additional consecutive letters, i.e. a word string such as “not yet known”, we'll ignore it.
For more information on Adding floor plans and EPC reports to listings via ZooplaPro, click here

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The EPC rating is displayed at the top of each listing on Zoopla. As shown in the image below, the question mark tooltip next to the EPC rating will explain to potential buyers where it may have come from.

EPC rating displayed.png


If you’ve added the rating using either of the above methods, and the rating is still incorrect, please contact the Member Services team. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

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