Premium Listings - Amendments to labels and your property highlights

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One of the benefits of upgrading a property to a Premium Listing is that you can promote two selling points (highlights), selected from a list of property categories, to highlight the property's best features.

As a result of your feedback, we've made a small change to the labels we display on Premium Listing cards, meaning you no longer have to use your property highlights to state the property status.

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What's changing with labels and property highlights

Previously, Premium Listings didn't include a white label on their listing cards stating Freehold, Leasehold, Shared Ownership or similar - this was due to the fact you could select any of these status' as property highlights, and there was a chance these labels could get duplicated.

We've now introduced the white labels to Premium Listing cards as a result of your feedback, which ensures that all listing cards have the same transparency of information.

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As a result of this, if you're currently using one or both of your property highlights to state the property status, you can now edit and update them to call out those nice to have Property Features instead.

Editing your Premium Listings property highlights

  1. In ZooplaPro, click the Manage listings tab
  2. Click the relevant property category, for example, Residential sales listings or Residential letting listings
  3. In your property listings, find the Premium Listing property you would like to amend and click Edit
  4. A separate window appears where you can select the property highlights that you wish to promote as the key selling points

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    With the reintroduction of the white labels on the listing cards, rather than selecting the likes of Freehold or Shared Ownership here, you can now refocus on calling out those nice to have Property Features that reflect what a user's key word searches might be - Conservatory, Large Garden, Garage, EV charging point etc, therefore increasing engagement and an increase in Search clicks to the property listing
  5. Click Apply

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A property for sale with the highlights of Home Office Space and Large Garden applied.

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