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Membership renewal

  • Why are my membership fees increasing?

We know the market is tough, and that's why we've kept this increase as low as possible.

We’re also making significant investments to drive up buyer volumes, vendor conversions and maximise the exposure of your listings.

One of our key priorities is maximising the value we give to our customers.

We started this work with our latest marketing campaign designed to get a bumper batch of motivated movers buying and selling with Zoopla agents.

And we’ve continued by optimising our products - including expanding our remarketing solutions and creating more ways for our app users to book an agent valuation.

  • When does the price increase come into effect?

Your contract will automatically renew at the end of your current term and price increases will come into effect on the 1st of the following month.

  • When my contract auto-renews, how long does the renewal last?

When your contract auto-renews, the new term will either be for the same length as your original term, or for 12 months - whichever comes first.

What else are you delivering for agents?

Giving you what you need now

  • We’ve been the dominant player in terms of advertising share of voice compared to our competitors. Our latest marketing campaign is designed to get a bumper batch of motivated movers buying and selling with Zoopla agents – during the festive peak and throughout 2024. And in the first few weeks of the campaign, it’s already boasted some pretty amazing results. The campaign has cemented our position as number 1 for brand awareness among homeowners wanting to understand the value of their home, or get information on selling 1

  • We recently expanded Remarketing Solutions to give you more ways to reach our highly engaged audience while they’re on other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. You can now access new audience segments – including first-time buyers, renters and investors – and target them based on their onsite behaviour and preferences. And as well as fully customisable geo targeting, you can pick where you want to send your traffic, including to your website

  • We also know that our app users are serious about moving, so we’ve been creating more ways for them to book an agent valuation. We’ve added a ‘Book a valuation’ button into a number of key journeys – and while it’s early days, this has already led to a 98% increase to valuation leads from our app 2

Building what you need for the future

  • Early January continues to show positive signs for the property market, with buyer demand in 2024 tracking 14% ahead of early 2023, and new sales agreed up 16% compared to the first week of 2023. In a boost to agents, vendor leads increased on Zoopla by 128% compared to Christmas Eve - and remain 175% higher two weeks after our latest marketing campaign launch. We’re continuing to support this buyer interest and drive leads for agents through the campaign which will continue to run until the 28th of February. Upcoming TV spots for Zoopla’s ad include Dancing on Ice, Love Island All Stars and upcoming Premier League games. Zoopla will also be delivering additional market information and locally tailored messaging to 50 local authorities via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube - driving consumers directly to local listings pages on Zoopla

  • With our ambition to capture the right volumes of in-market audiences in 2024 and support customer growth in a tougher market, we'll be investing +41% more in marketing next year. Not only will we be optimising investment, but we'll also be optimising our audience targeting. Working with our Research and Insights team, we've identified a target audience of applicants and vendors that will be moving in the next two years and will be ensuring Zoopla, as well as your listings and services are front of mind for these audiences throughout 2024

  • The Zoopla Research Community gives you the chance to steer our future product development, which is vital to make sure we deliver solutions that really make a difference to you. And, you also get the opportunity to earn vouchers for participating and sharing your feedback.
    You can find out more about the community and how to join here.

Maximising your membership

  • How do I get in touch with my Account Manager?

Your Account Manager is here to support you and to make sure your package is right for you, as well as giving you extra insight on your performance relative to the local market.

You can contact your Account Manager directly by email or phone.

  • How do I find out who my Account Manager is? 

You can contact our Member Services team by email at to find out who your Account Manager is.

  • What are the different Zoopla membership packages?

There’s three tiers of membership available at Zoopla. Check out the links below to see the differences between our packages, including the features and enhancements available at each level.

You can contact your Account Manager directly by email or phone to discuss upgrading your membership package and add-on products.

  • How do I amend or cancel my membership?

We want to make your membership work as hard as possible to meet your specific business needs.

To understand your options in terms of amending or cancelling your membership package with us, complete our form here.

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2 Zoopla data, 2023

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